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Main Bio 


   Kay Huggins is a creative, the owner of Aphelion Editing and Consulting, and the host of the Raindrop Corner Podcast. As a longtime resident of Jacksonville Florida, they have sought to support local artistry, foster thought-provoking content, and aid in human rights advocacy. Kay is an English major with a concentration in psychology. For over a decade, their life has been dazzled with project management, technology industries, logistics, editing, writing, and production. Through the intersectionality of Kay’s craft, they aim to champion the community by providing a platform to marginalized groups. Currently, Kay is writing their debut novel and enjoying leisure moments with their fur babies. 


Recent Projects/Associations 


  • The Raindrop Corner Podcast (2017 - Present): Host and founder.


  • Vice President of the SAFE Resource Center (2018 - Present): Serving the Social Alliance For Equality as a conduit in providing resources and support for the LGBTQIA+ community, and its allies in North Florida (and beyond).


  • OUTJAX Radio Studios (2019 - Early 2021): Tech, sound engineering, audio mastering, editing, production, public relations, and community engagement.


  • Jacksonville Public Library (2021 - Present): A revolving host for Lit Chat segments, a role centered around interviewing renowned authors and creating a segment script for the related chats. 

Writing/Editing Bio 


   Kay fell in love with reading before they fell in love with writing. In high school, they came upon really supportive English teachers, who challenged them to grow and develop their own voice. In time, Kay began to share their work and was published in their high school’s anthology. As the years went on, they transmuted their gift into helping other writers. This is a listing of a few published works that Kay was involved with: 


  • Second Chance by Ryan Troutman (Developmental Edit) 


  • Old Wounds: A Novel by Carrsan T. Morrissey (Beta Reading with critique) 

  • Doing Kink vs. Being Kinky: A Systematic Scoping Review of the Literature on BDSM Behavior, Orientation, and Identity by Angel Russell (Line Edit and Condensing for Journal Submission)

   Coupled with the published works listed above, Kay has critiqued and edited 20+ fiction and nonfiction works. They have been retained to aid film festival winners, indie authors, and numerous bards in their pursuit to enrich the creative voice. Below you can find a list of Kay's published and upcoming personal works: 

  • (a) River Rising Vol. IV: Rivers and Oceans "River Woman" Poem

  • Upcoming Release ~ (a) River Rising Vol. V: And Justice for All (Poem) ~ Winter Release 

  • Upcoming Release ~ I Became the Villain (A poetry chapbook) ~ November 2023

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