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Aphelion Editing and Consulting


A Word From the Founder & 

Aphelion Editing and Consulting was birthed from a decade-plus span of time in business and writing-oriented environments. I realized that marginalized groups were not advocated for nor were they set up for success in the same way as their counterparts. It became paramount for me to change thatto create an alchemical workshop of excellence, centering marginalized business owners, creatives, and writers. In our space, you get more than effective results, you learn how to nurture your passions in an affirming way. If you're ready to work, magic awaits! 



  • Line Editing: A focus on content, style, and language. This is a line by line analysis, that works to rectify ineffective sentences and paragraphs. 

  • Developmental Editing: A focus on story, character arcs, dialogue, and pacing. 


Your writing is analyzed for offensive content, misrepresentation, and a lack of understanding. The writer's vision is taken into account in an effort to bridge the gap between awareness and representation. My core focus is POC and LGBTQIA+ communities. 


We act as a guide that analyzes your writing or business endeavor for potential areas of opportunity. Through a series of targeted coaching and research techniques, deductions are used to produce proactive solutions, and an adaptable game plan. 



  • Detailed critiques, paired with craft coaching 

  • Free sample edit

  • Two Zoom/phone follow-up sessions

  • Four to six week turnaround


  • Thorough feedback with credible resources for reference.

  • One Zoom/phone follow-up session


  • Free 45-minute consultation

  • Strategic evaluations, vetted resources, and tailored solutions

  • Relevant education and coaching



  • Developmental Editing: $15.00 per 1,000 words

  • Line Editing: $12.00 per 1,000 words

- Short stories are a flat fee of $50 per story, regardless of edit type or length.

- We don't service partial edits, please don't ask. 

- Payment is collected in two installments: before and after services are rendered. 

Sensitivity Reading

  • $30.00 per hour

- The final invoice factors in research done outside of reading the manuscript and is subjected to the hourly rate. 

- For reference, I read about 12,000 words per hour. 

- Payment is collected in two installments: before and after services are rendered. 


  • Writing: $30.00 per hour

  • Business: $40.00 per hour

- The final invoice factors in research and work done outside of client sessions, and is subjected to the hourly rate. 

- Payment is expected immediately, upon receiving billing invoice.



  • Aphelion Editing and Consulting DOES support clients outside of marginalized groups. However, note that our core focus is centering these groups.  

  • Prices are not negotiable. 

  • We are thoughtful AND straightforward. For our services to truly benefit you, you need to be teachable and receptive to feedback.

  • Respect is a two-way street. There will be clear boundaries mapped out with the expectation that both parties will adhere to said boundaries.

  • Quality over quantity reigns supreme here. We pride ourselves in integrity, both with the clients we take on and the level of services we provide.

  • Be ready to work! Your personal well-being does take precedence. However, be prepared to put effort into our contracted time. 

Editing/Sensitivity Reading

  • We don't do partial edits or partial readings.

  • Your writing needs to be more than an outline or semi-completed work. 

  • Aphelion Editing and Consulting operates as the exception, in terms of providing craft coaching (if applicable) and being incredibly hands-on. Regardless, should a work be presented to us with massive amounts of technical issues, ones that impede readability, we may decline the project. 

  • We edit and do sensitivity readings for fiction and nonfiction. Genres and areas of focus are listed down below: 

- Fiction: High fantasy, fantasy, science fiction, horror, historical fiction, and speculative fiction

- Nonfiction: Memoirs and Academic Writing

  • No client is required to take all or any feedback.


  • We are not working for you, we are working with you. It is up to the client to utilize feedback and tools given. 

  • Each session will be followed by a recap, action plan, and relevant resources.

  • There is a maximum of four sessions a month. 

  • Outside of the initial 45-minute consultation, services will not be rendered, until a contract is signed and the subsequent invoice is paid. This promotes accountability for Aphelion Editing and Consulting and the client. 

  • We understand that a core part of consultation involves guiding the client, but come prepared. Your writing project or business needs to have legs. You need to know your target market, your motivations, and have a loose mission statement or manifesto. Come with the basics and we can help you refine from there. 


Starting a new business has definitely pulled me in all directions. Being able to talk with Kay allows me to voice concerns, ask questions, and get inspired instead of feeling overwhelmed.

Mindy Stamulis / HeadPlant / CEO

Y'all I cannot emphasize the value of hiring a professional editor enough. Kay Huggins is an editing genius. They were able to help me edit in a way that respected my research but also prepared the paper for publication. If you need editing work done, they should be your very first stop.

Angel Russell / Author / Line Editing Client

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